Kurz & Allison American Civil War 3D Miniatures

Available now from the TTS Steam Workshop!

Preview Picture

Derived from Kurz & Allison's evocative 19th century Civil War battle scenes this is a range of 3D miniatures for Berserk Games "Table Top Simulator" .

Once you have loaded the models and their textures into the simulator you can duplicate them as many times as your PC hardware can handle. 

So far I have had over 250 figures on the the virtual tabletop with hardly any drop in performance, but of course your results may differ. 

Here are the duplicated items from the set on the virtual tabletop. Although I have tried to make the default figure scale about 30mm you can actually scale them incrementally up or down in TTS to suit your own preference or give yourself a larger (or smaller) playing area.

Union cannon & crew.

Confederate cannon & crew